Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Monday, November 15, 2004

Newcastle 3-1 United

Sure I'll take a 3-1 win away at the Magpies any day. but it was the manner of victory that worried me.
United rode their luck too many times, if Newcastle were more clinical in the box, in particular Shearer and Kluivert, this could've been disastrous.
Ferdinand made the mistake of not following the man with the ball for a second game. First it was Yakubu, now Shearer, who finished easily. Uncannily reminiscent.
Ronaldo frustrated ALL of his teammates with his individualism; van Nistelrooy must want to rake a few studs down his shin too. Only Ferguson seemed to smile beatifically. If Fergie doesn't tell him now and give him a scolding, he'll never learn. Reyes and Cesc under Arsene Wenger is a good example of team first, me second.
On the bright side, United gave the ball away much less, and were often controlling things, Scholes illustrating how rich a player he is. Incisive and simple all at once, my favourite player demonstrated his class.
ROnaldo would do well to learn from ROoney. COol finishing, and dribbling only in need. Ronaldo's stats are worrying: gazillions of dribbles, shots and crosses, but no end result. Only ONE assist since august.
If Ferguson can harness his players, we can improve. I dare say he's just not getting involved enough in this team. When that happens, players get wilful, indisciplined, and play for themselves.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Youth Issues


I am looking for story ideas with regard to youth issues, for a youth-targetted publication I am writing for. I'm interested in lifestyle news features, youths' responses to topical issues and anything journalistic that gives some insight into the lives, hopes and aspirations/disatisfactions of the young ie 18 to about 25.

Below are some examples:
portraits of youth subcultures,
youths being duped into signing on to modelling agencies and never getting assignments,
drug usage among youth,
useful pieces on job market etc for those youths who are at such crossroads,
doing things with a small budget.

Keywords I'm looking for:
alternative, extreme, newsy, responsible, accurate and relevant.

If you come across anything that you think impacts your age group, drop me an email. I might be able to do something with it.

Thank you.

Aaron Wong
The Straits Times

HP: 94566789
Email: aaronwong@journalist.com

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Looking for: Young Budget Airline Travellers

Attention! If you know anyone around 18-23 years old who has travelled/will be travelling on a budget airline (eg AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Valuair) regionally on a holiday (even better if it was
self-funded), kindly put that person in touch with me?

Also, if you now anyone who works for these budget airlines, please also provide their contact
Thank you!

Aaron Wong
HP: 94566789