Monday, June 26, 2006

Handing over my class

It's something that hasn't quite sunk in yet, but this morning I handed my class over to the new teacher. I said goodbye to my class, even called them my little angels. I miss them to bits already. Wish I could carry on with them. On the selfish side, I really hope they remember me and cherish the times we had together, but I know 9-year-olds have short-term memories. If they can't remember yesterday's homework, what more their teacher four months later eh?
I gave them my contact details, and made sure the new teacher has everything she needs to hit the ground running. It's the least I can do, despite my heart aching. Ah, bless them.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Made in Malay ... sia

Have you seen the Made-in-Malaysia car "Kancil"? You know, that very little 600 cc car?

Well, Dr M really wanted to sell it to the US, so when Dr M paid a visit to the White House after finishing formal discussions with George Bush, Dr M checks with Bush to find out if there is a way to sell the Kancil in the USA.

After having looked at the brochure, Bush said, "You know, I think this 'Kernchill' is too small for us Americans."

Not one who gives up easily, Dr M persisted and finally Bush offered, "Ok, take this number down. This guy is my good buddy and he's also the CEO of the biggest compact car distributor in North America."

Dr M was satisfied with the meeting and returns to Malaysia.

The next day he called the number and a lady answered, "TOYS 'R' US", can I help you?"


Mr. Samy-vellu went for a United Nations meeting. He represented the Malaysian Prime Minister.

All nations were discussing about space exploration by the year 2008.
Here were some of the conversations:

China Delegate : "By the year 2008, China will start their moon exploration project."

Russian Delegate : "We too, we are going to explore the moon. This time we will see to it that our cosmonauts will step on the moon."

George Bush: "We the United States will also explore the moon for the second time."

Malaysian Delegate: "By the year 2008, Malaysia will explore the sun."
There was a long silence. Bush stood up and asked the Malaysian delegate: "Isn't it too hot to explore the sun?"
Samy Vellu (after a long silence): "We will do it in the evening."


There are three major races in Malaysia - Malay, Chinese and Indian.

The Malays have the political power and so they set up the party UMNO, which literally means "U Must Not Object".

The Chinese, on the other hand, controls most of the Economy and they called their party MCA which means "Money Conquers All".

Then there are the Indians who have no say in politics or economics. They set up their party called MIC. Hence, every Parliamentary meeting the Indians will ask: "Must I Come?"

Saturday, June 24, 2006

New term

Just been informed I won't be taking my form class, but kinda expected it. Will really miss my bunch of angels; just hasn't sunk in yet.
Hope to help my level with Authentic Problem-based Learning and also gain experience teaching Science for P6 EM3s.
Will find out more on Monday.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What movies do you like?


I just took a movie quiz at If you come take it too we can see if we like the same movies.


Prophetic Worship

This article is a sample chapter from Pastor Loren Sandford's book, Prophetic Worship. Enjoy!

Worship ought never to be just a song service. Worship should be a huge transaction between the people and God, a wonderful give and take of love and strength between two parties who passionately love one another. What a tragedy that so much of the body of Christ today regards worship as little more than the warm up for the sermon! So many churches have reduced the worship service to just a couple of songs that lead into a long sermon so that the whole thing is over in just an hour! Such loss!

In truth, worship is a stand-alone interaction with God, complete in and of itself, something to be lingered over, savored and soaked in. In fact, although I'll never devalue or neglect my preaching, I believe that worship occupies a place of importance in the church at least equal to the preaching of the Word. It actually has as much power to communicate concepts and ideas as does preaching.

Worship comes to us on at least two levels. At one level, it's simply devotional and adorational, a time of intimate communion with God. But on another level, worship can be powerfully prophetic and life-changing. In fact, I believe the age we live in cries out for worship with a prophetic edge. I don't believe revival will ever truly break out of the confines of the church to sweep our culture before it without the power of truly prophetic worship offered in a style that penetrates the culture around us.

Read more at NewSong Fellowship.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How Moses Got The 10 Commandments

God went to the Arabs and said, "I have Commandments for you that will make your lives better."

The Arabs asked, "What are Commandments?"

And the Lord said, "They are rules for living."

"Can you give us an example?"

"Thou shall not kill."
"Not kill? We're not interested."

So He went to the Blacks and said, "I have Commandments."

The Blacks wanted an example, and the Lord said,
"Honor thy Father and Mother."
"Father? We don't know who our fathers are." We're not interested.

Then He went to the Mexicans and said, "I have Commandments."

The Mexicans also wanted an example, and the Lord said
"Thou shall not steal."
"Not steal? We're not interested."

Then He went to the French and said, "I have Commandments".

The French too wanted an example and the Lord said,
"Thou shall not commit adultery."
"Not commit adultery? We're not interested."

Finally, He went to the Jews and said, "I have Commandments."

"Commandments?" They said, "How much are they?"

"They're free."

"We'll take 10."

RTM 1 WC06 schedule

14 Jun, 2330hrs: Spain vs Ukraine
15 Jun, 2330hrs: Ecuador vs Costa Rica
16 Jun, 0245hrs: Sweden vs Paraguay
17 Jun, 0245hrs: Mexico vs Angola
19 Jun, 0230hrs: Brazil vs Australia
19 Jun, 2345hrs: Saudi Arabia vs Ukraine
20 Jun, 2045hrs: Costa Rica vs Poland
22 Jun, 0045hrs: Sweden vs England
22 Jun, 0245hrs: Cote d'Ivoire vs Serbia & Montenegro
22 Jun, 2145hrs: Czech Republic vs Italy
23 Jun, 0245hrs: Croatia vs Australia
23 Jun, 2145hrs: Ukraine vs Tunisia
24 Jun, 0245hrs: Togo vs France

Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup 2006

It's been a disappointing World Cup so far, with continental kiasuism coming to the fore once again. England were terrible, and the only team that holds promise so far is the frightening Netherlands. Their one-touch passing was patently majestic and mouth-watering, and if Ruud van Nistelrooy can hit form early and link up with Robben then they look good.
The African sides have honoured their side of the bargain and look good. 2010 could be their year. The Asian teams look decent but could be found out by the Europeans. The Latin Americans have it their way; the tendency is for them to impose their style on others rather than vice versa.
All in all, I would rather see the helter-skelter of all-out attack. Will the real Germany please stand up?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Freedom is relative

Freedom continues to provoke debate
It's not clear who loses and wins
Freedom for Arrow is death for Sparrow
Your freedom ends where my nose begins

by Catherine Lim (I think...)

Church Camp 2006 at Awana Genting

Wah! This was the funniest and most uplifting church camp ever. A pity it seemed so short as we were having so much fun. The weather was great as we enjoyed a balmy 27C throughout.
Took the cable car up to Genting for only RM8, and enjoyed being carried through the mist. S'pore has much to learn then. Angela and Teckseng had hilarious phobic reactions.
We have also uncovered mutant powers in our guys. Samuel can walk through glass doors (not) and can throw singlets through basketball hoops (not). Jackson can turn spinach into eng chye (kangkung). The rest of us can fart like nobody's business when presented with copiuos amounts of egg breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Worship-wise, we even had a mosh pit and extended medley on the last night. How God moved! Lydia's holy laughter was so infectious that people around her also started laughing too!
Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I'm off to Genting then Melaka for a week and will be back Sunday afternoon. See you soon!

Adidas F10+ and Platypus bottle

I bought
Adidas F10+ street soccer shoes for SGD72.25 from Stadium, Takashimaya
Platypus collapsible 1L bottle for SGD15.05 from Campers' Corner, Capitol Building

Classic one-liners

"My arm! said Captain Hook off-handedly.
My wife says I never listen, or something like that.
Lighten up and laugh at yourself. Everyone else is!
Look closely; you'll find it's not in the manual.
The wheel: Man's greatest invention until he sat behind it.
When grasping at straws, any straw will do.
When I want your opinion I'll give it to you!
Who's the Round Table's roundest knight? Sir Cumference.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hong Kong food

Fried wanton, special shrimp har gow, mee sua with luncheon meat and egg, cheese-baked rice with pork chop, home-made barley, iced ying yang at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Interesting cuisine, and I recommend it. It's at Kovan's Heartland Mall and it's 24 hours.