Monday, March 21, 2005

Mission Trip

Hi guys,

Just got back from Khon Kaen Thailand on Saturday night.
Ministry-wise it was a wonderful trip and I had the opportunity to renew old acquaintances. Physically, though, i had never felt worse.
The hot weather, coupled with a post-steroid flare, meant that my face was most of the time, disfigured. Yes, that's the word. I don't have pictures, but it was quite frightful, and i was suffering most of the time. Still I thank God for small graces, and I received prayer both there and here in Singapore. On Sunday, my skin made a remarkable recovery and I'm back in camp when i thought I would need to take MC. Oh and the boss isn't in today, so that's another small mercy. =]

I wanna take this opportunity to thank lotsa people:

Gaby: For being a wonderful leader, and making the effort to look after me when we had to focus on ministry.

Mum: I know you prayed for me. Thank you. Oh and all the precious medical advice and care provided even after i returned.

Bee Shau: Thanks for praying for me and helping me. and the Vaseline too.

Duncan and SY: Thanks for being "buddies". I had a really great time with you guys.

Nana: Thanks for the lotion. And also instigating the Holy Communion. I feel that was a turning point for me.

Jenny, Lerane and Fann: Thanks for showing your concern throughout the trip. Thanks also for your prayers.

Air and James: Thanks for organising another great time of ministry. All the best for your incoming addition to the family. Do send pictures in July!

Men's ALG: I know you guys kept me in prayer. Thanks guys. You're the best.

Agape Community Church: Thanks for keeping me in prayer.

And finally Jasmine: Couldn't have gone on without you. Thanks for being a personal nurse. =] No lah, I valued your companionship and encouragement more than anything else. Love you.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Mission trip

FInally my leave for mission trip is approved! I'm going to Khon Kaen, Thailand on 14 Mar and coming back on 19 Mar. I'll be at the airport at 0615hrs in case you want to send me off. =] I'll be coming back at 2130hrs on Saturday.
I'll be going with my dear, so should be fun. Let's hope my eczema clears up there ya? Hear temperatures can hit 40.
If you need anything from the Land of Smiles just tell me ya? If not I'll just smile for you...
fun fun fun fun fun fun