Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Week 9 of Skool

Two more weeks to the so-called hols, but they're chock full of courses. In any case, I have to get past book checking this week, and finish up the Term 1 syllabi.

People passing unwanted comments and not saying it like they mean it still gets on my nerves. Like "My! Aren't you casual today? Going to Orchard?" Just say what you mean and mean what you say, man. And it's called PE attire. You can go sweat in your slacks. I'll be practical, tangjewberrymud.

I have also been staying far too late to be healthy butn there just seems to be too much. Don't know how they do it. Maybe I AM moving too fast.

Quotable quotes by Jasmine Tang

"I didn't do any good!"
- when asked if she had put any "Good!" stamps on a worksheet.

"I'm just trying to screw it up!"
- when trying to screw on a jar cover.

"Singing and talking at the same time is difficult."

Monday, February 27, 2006

Week 29 Fantasy Football Review

Well done all!

Week 29 has just passed.

Aaron (2447 pts) strengthens 1st place with the 3rd-highest Week 29 score of 78.5 pts, thanks to Jermaine Pennant, Jose Manuel Reina and Arjen Robben.

The gap is now 161.5 pts as Chongkiat (2285.5 pts) loses ground in 2nd place with 67.5 pts, no thanks to Stewart Downing, Jose Antonio Reyes, Mikael Forssell and Robbie Fowler.

Clarence (2248 pts) takes 3rd place with the highest Week 29 score of 130 pts, only 4.5 points ahead of Gareth (2243.5 pts), thanks to Nolberto Solano, Steven Gerrard and Reina.

Jasmine (2116 pts) rises one place to 6th, just 9.5 points ahead of Hingyau (2106.5 pts) with 82 pts, thanks to Harry Kewell, Reina and Peter Crouch.

At the other end, Keh (1501 pts) gets the worst Week 29 score of 18.5 pts, no thanks to Hernan Crespo, Alan Shearer, Park Ji Sung, Phil Neville, Steve Watson and Edwin van der Sar.

See you next week!

Fantasy Football Week 29

This is my team for Week 29. Carling Cup final!

Darren Bent
Due a goal.
AST: Poor performance.

Mikael Forssell
Dirt cheap option.

Jonathan Stead
Might finally break his duck.

Jermaine Pennant
Must have this week.
SUN: Indeed. Top scorer for me. 11 SCs?!

Arjen Robben
Pompey might face a backlash.
POR: Unlucky not to get MWG, as he had a MOTM performance.

Joe Cole
Pompey might face a backlash.
POR: Should've reinvested.

Stewart Downing
Big gamble. Quite a silly choice actually.

Robbie Elliott
Cheap option even with Babayaro playing.
EVE: Bingo.

Chris Riggott
Cheap option.
@WBA: Bingo.

Daniel Agger
Dan Agger replaces Carr-agger
MAC: Bingo.

Jose Manuel Reina
Reina returns.
MAC: He's back!

Projected points: 73.5
Actual points: 78.5

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Adidas spree

I bought
Dark ink Adidas Pulse Engineering t-shirt for SGD34.70
White Adidas Essex shorts for SGD27.30
White/aluminium Adidas Team ClimaLite polo tee for SGD31.50
from Adidas, Novena Square

I'm going tennis-crazy!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Week 28 Fantasy Football Review

Well done all!

Week 28 has just passed.

Aaron (2322 pts) slips in 1st place with 46.5 pts.

The gap is now 150.5 pts as Chongkiat (2218 pts) gains ground in 2nd place with 63 pts, thanks to Shay Given, Henri Camara and Ahmed Hossam Mido.

Gareth (2183 pts) gains ground in 3rd place with the 2nd-highest Week 28 score of 78.5 pts, only 35 points behind, thanks to Given, Jermain Defoe and Camara.

Hingyau (2040.5 pts) rises four places to 6th with the highest Week 28 score of 81 pts, thanks to Given, Defoe, Jimmy Bullard and Mido.

Jasmine (2034 pts) rises two places to 7th, just 6.5 points behind Hingyau with 71.5 pts, thanks to Given, Bullard, Camara and Mido.

At the other end, Edgar (2012.5 pts), Lianbin (1966.5 pts), Keh (1482.5 pts) and Zikai (1420 pts) go AWOL as they get the worst Week 28 score of 0 pts, no thanks to their non-Charlton, Newcastle, Tottenham and Wigan lineups.

See you next week!

Fantasy Football Week 28

This is my team for Week 28. Two game week!

Robbie Keane
Preferred to Defoe
WIG: Should've got Defoe.

Ahmed Hossam Mido
Has a point to prove after the Egypt debacle.
WIG: Did well.

Alan Shearer
The only recognised Toon striker.

Jermaine Jenas
Cheap option.

Michael Carrick
Mr. Consistent.
WIG: Decent total.

Nolberto Solano
Crosses galore. Also due a stroke of genius.
CHA: Decent.

Charles N'Zogbia
Settling well for Glenn Roeder.
CHA: Not good enough.

Robbie Elliott
Cheap option with Babayaro suspended.
CHA: Cheap points.

Peter Ramage
Should cause damage.
CHA: Cheap points.

Michael Dawson
Cheap option.
WIG: 0 points!?

Paul Robinson
It was him or Shay Given.
WIG: Didn't do well enough.

Projected points: 71.1
Actual points: 46.5

Monday, February 20, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 27

This is my team for Week 27. Double game week!

Craig Bellamy
The face with the pace is back. No Kuqi then.
@EVE: Never really caught fire.
SUN: Could've been a hat-trick.

Robbie Fowler
There were rumours he would start. The most attractive Pool striking option.
@WIG: Started but didn't do much.
ARS: Did better and linked up well with Morientes.

Emmanuel Adebayor
Should start with van Persie out.
BOL: Doesn't look good.
@LIV: Compeltely dominated.

Francesc Fabregas
Cheap option.
BOL: Good deal.
@LIV: Pays off.

Harry Kewell
Starting to hit form.
@WIG: Pretty good.
ARS: Faded but could've done better with a volley.

Jose Antonio Reyes
Should start.
@WIG: Premature substitution.
ARS: Injured.

Xabi Alonso
Preferred to Stevie G.
@WIG: Decent.
ARS: Couldn't steal Gerrard's thunder.

Jamie Carragher
More dependable Pool defender.
@WIG: Should've chosen Hyypia.
ARS: More than decent outlay.

Michael Gray
Should get at least one clean sheet.
@EVE: Did well despite losing.
SUN: Did well and won.

Johan Djourou
From the grapevine. TT recommended.
BOL: Disappointing.
@LIV: Dropped.

Jerzy Dudek
Maybe two clean sheets?
@WIG: Attaboy.
ARS: Maybe Jerzy can grab his chance.

Projected points: 146.8
Actual points: 163.5

Week 27 Fantasy Football Review

Well done all!

Week 27 has just passed.

Aaron (2322 pts) consolidates 1st place with the highest Week 27 score of 163.5 pts, thanks to Jerzy Dudek, Craig Bellamy and Michael Gray.

The gap is now 167 pts as Chongkiat (2155 pts) slips in 2nd place with 74 pts, no thanks to Sun Jihai, Darius Vassell and Michael Dawson.

Benedict (2137 pts) closes in in 3rd place with 109 pts, only 18 points behind, thanks to Ruud van Nistelrooy, NIgel Reo-Coker and Jonathan Greening.

Edgar (2012.5 pts) rises one place to 6th with the 3rd-highest Week 27 score of 138 pts, thanks to Dudek and Joey Barton.

Hingyau (1959.5 pts) rises 1 place to 10th with the 2nd-highest Week 27 score of 141.5 pts, thanks to Sami Hyypia, van Nistelrooy and Harewood.

Jasmine (1962.5 pts) rises 1 place to 9th, between Lianbin (1966.5 pts) and Hingyau (1959.5 pts), with 128 pts, thanks to Dudek, Gray and Jamie Carragher.

At the other end, Teckseng (1504 pts) gets Punk'd as he gets the worst Week 27 score of 31.5 pts, no thanks to Petr Cech, Henrik Pedersen, Asier del Horno and Gary Neville.

See you next week!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Match Point

Had a tennis lesson with Jasmine's dad. He said I had potential, but then again, everyone does.
Learnt the forehand today, and boy it isn't easy. Starting to appreciate how easy Federer makes things look. It's criminal how balletic he is.
Had a fun time with Kimjin and Jasmine anyhow.
Next lesson in two weeks at Yio Chu Kang.

Week 26 Fantasy Football Review

Well done all!

Week 26 has just passed.

Aaron (2158.5 pts) consolidates 1st place with 43.5 pts, despite bad play from Jose Reina, Chris Sutton and Matthew Upson.

The gap is now 77.5 pts as Chongkiat (2081 pts) slips in 2nd place with 35.5 pts, no thanks to Reina, Robbiw Fowler, Chris Riggott and Daniel Agger.

Gareth (1972.5 pts) slips in 3rd place with 0 pts, only 14 points ahead of Clarence (1958.5 pts), as he does an Aaron.

Benedict (2028 pts) consolidates 3rd place with the 2nd-highest Week 26 score of 99 pts, thanks to Darren Bent, Jonathan Greening and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Amos (1894.5 pts) rises 2 places with the highest Week 26 score of 100 pts, thanks to Luke Young, Stelios Giannakopoulos and van Nistelrooy.

Benedict (1487 pts) consolidates 18th place with the 3rd-highest Week 26 score of 98 pts, thanks to Young and Bent.

Jasmine (1834.5 pts) drops 2 places to 10th, just 8 points ahead of Jeremy (1842.5 pts) with 39 pts, no thanks to Reina, Sutton and Stephane Henchoz.

At the other end, Gareth (1972.5 pts) does an Aaron as he forgets his team and gets the worst Week 26 score of 0 pts. Did he zou3 guang1?

See you next week!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 26

This is my team for Week 26.

Marlon Harewood
Sunderland will struggle against this man-mountain.
SUN: They would have, if he'd started.

Chris Sutton
Preferred to Heskey in a double game week for the Brum.
ARS: No double week. Could've been worse. Good thing I didn't get Heskey.

Peter Crouch
The likeliest Pool striker to start two games.
@CHE: Didn't do much of note.
@CHA: Sian.

Stewart Downing
Boro's set-piece taker.
AST: Totally outclassed. Do yourself a favour and move to United.

Harry Kewell
Starting to hit form.
@CHE: Yuck.
@CHA: SLightly better.

Steven Gerrard
Will do well in double game week.
@CHE: Lost out to Lampard.
@CHA: Injured.

Jiri Jarosik
Cheap option for double game week. Due a goal.
ARS: Birmingham's only real threat. No double week.

Christian Dailly
Cheap option.
SUN: Gambled and won on the clean sheet.

Bruno N'Gotty
Should get at least one clean sheet.
WIG: Did OK, but again no double week

Matthew Upson
Double week for the Brum.
ARS: Bad.

Jose Manuel Reina
Maybe two clean sheets?
@CHE: Maybe two red cards?
@CHA: Banned.

Projected points: 124.0
Actual points: 43.5

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 25

This is my team for Week 25.

Darius Vassell
It was between him and Darren Bent.
NUF: Best performer. Got it right.

Jason Roberts
Still a cheap option.
EVE: Stupid red card.

Hernan Crespo
Hope he does well.
@AST: WHat did he do to get -4.5? Or what didn't he do?

Stewart Downing
Boro's set-piece taker.
@SUN: Looks to be a mainstay.

Joey Barton
Selected despite contract wrangles.
NUF: Had a decent game but poor score, despite backstabbing fans.

Steven Gerrard
Will do well.
BRM: Might hold on to this in-form man a while.

Jimmy Bullard
Still keeping the faith.
EVE: That's it. I'm dropping him.

Chris Riggott
No other option.
@SUN: Injured.

Bruno N'Gotty
No other option.
@POR: Decent.

Sun Jihai
Double points against the Toon?
NUF: Will have more playing opportunities with Reyna and Onuoha out.

Jose Manuel Reina
Holding on.
BRM: Decent.

Projected points: 85.4
Actual points: 59.0

Friday, February 03, 2006

Contradictory contradictions

1. I want patience and I want it now!
2. There are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can't.
3. Don't use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice.
4. If one synchronised swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?
5. Why is abbreviation such a long word?
6. As I have said before, I never repeat myself. Let me repeat again...
7. As long as I can remember, I have had amnesia.
8. Bureaucrats cut red tape, but lengthwise.
9. Did you hear? They took 'gullible' out of the dictionary!

Week 25 Fantasy Football review

Well done all!

Week 25 has just passed.

Aaron (2115 pts) slips in 1st place with 59 pts, no thanks to Hernan Crespo, Jason Roberts, Joey Barton and Chris Riggott.

The gap is now 69.5 pts as Chongkiat (2045.5 pts) consolidates 2nd place with the 2ng-highest Week 25 score of 83 pts, thanks to Carlos Bocanegra, Arjen Robben and Trevor Sinclair.

Gareth (1972.5 pts) maintains 3rd place with 70 pts, only 43.5 points ahead of Benedict (1929 pts), who had the 3rd-highest Week 25 score, thanks to Ruud van Nistelrooy, Matthew Etherington and Nigel Reo-Coker.

Benedict (1389 pts) rises one place to 18th with the highest Week 25 score of 88.5 pts, thanks to Etherington, Reo-Coker, Lucas Neill and Luke Young.

Jasmine (1795.5 pts) maintains 8th place, just 1 points ahead of Amos (1794.5 pts) with 45 pts, no thanks to Crespo, Glen Johnson and Riggott.

At the other end, Keh (1360.5 pts) does an Aaron as he forgets his team and gets the worst Week 25 score of 0 pts. Beware! This week, Souness. Next week could be Keh!

See you next week!