Monday, May 26, 2008

Sengkang Primary

Met up with a HOD at Sengkang Pri this morning. Nothing doing mostly, just given a few forms and informed of meeting dates and holidays during the holidays. Started at 8 and was done by 9am. Met two fellow graduands who did their practicum there and they filled me in on what the school is about.

Everything sounds OK so far, though the fact that shouting at the kids is frowned upon throws up a small red flag. Contact Time is known to go on to 4pm, so that's another red flag. Apart from that, there's daily PE, active kids who wear PE attire perpetually and a quaint school environment that reminds me of a traditional Tao Nan-esque school - I like.

CCAs are modular, meaning kids choose which sport/game/hobby they want to learn at each level within their house.

So working life begins.

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