Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zikai's 21st birthday gig at Music Garage, Bugis Village

7 sessions of gruelling practice finally came to fruition where our gig passed without any major cock-ups. In fact, I really enjoyed playing with a wonderfully-talented bunch of musicians, and the pressure dissipated after the first 2 songs.

I think Zikai's testimony resonated with the audience, even his army friends. It really was a cosy atmosphere where they interacted with us and I'd love to do it again. '80s rewind perhaps? =]

Managed to get Jasmine, Valerie, Zoe, and Yinglei+friends to come so they can get the gist of what it means to have a non-threatening evangelistic event.

So all in all, I really enjoyed it and I think we achieved our objective where the seeds were sown and everyone enjoyed themselves. Let's do this again sometime, especially the impromptu fusion instrumental at the end. =]

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