Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Singapore 3-1 Myanmar

Myanmar walk out again. More damningly & embarrassingly, Myanmar FA officials prevented the players from returning to the field despite the efforts of their own coach. Will they ever learn? Not unless AFF kick them out as a lesson to the other nations. They obviously haven't learnt their lesson four years ago as they weren't punished at all for a similar shameful episode. AFF better act tough & act now or history will repeat itself - in the final perhaps?

As Singapore's John Wilkinson put it, do we just walk out whenever we are tired and unhappy a-la Roy Keane? For the sake of teaching respect for officials and basic sportsmanship, I say the Myanmese need to be sacrificed NOW.

On a separate note, Agu Casmir's goal was really of the highest quality. It was a volley with his weaker foot, with defenders closing in. Yet he hit it through a crowded penalty area, just inside the post. If Deco'd done it, everyone would be waxing lyrical.

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