Saturday, July 04, 2009

Managing Discontent by Wayne Cordeiro

We had a really informal ALG session yesterday night, just sitting around eating rambutans and mangosteens. In between, we learnt about how we can handle discontent in our lives, with authentic examples from Agape's 16-year history. Matthew, Jeannie, Jasmine & I took turns to regale the newer ones with stories from the past, just so that we could all learn from how others handled discontentment, and do better for ourselves in the future.

In view of all this, I am at least partly grateful for preventive H1N1 precautions in school. I have to go earlier to school and because I want to see Jasmine off before she goes even earlier to school, I sometimes reach school at 6.35am when I'm only due at 7.10am. I mean the general office and staff room aren't even open yet! I took the cue from a Christian colleague and use the time to dedicate the day to God. I have about 10-15 minutes alone with God and also talking to fellow believers about work-related struggles. Then the staff room opens and I go in to switch on my super-slow laptop. During that five-minute wait, I proclaim to God that I intend to spend the day in His joy, and I try my best to look for His joy in all situations.

The key verse that we shared in ALG was "David encouraged himself in the Lord", probably in 1/2 Samuel/Kings. And this was when his own men wanted to kill him! I learnt that it is my responsibility for how much joy and discontentment there is in my life. I intend to complain less, as it will only result in grudges and bitterness. I will spend time in solitude with God daily, praying and reading His Word, to encourage myself in Him. And if faced with conflict, I will approach the person in nearest authority to resolve it, and not blab about it to people who can't do anything about it.

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