Friday, December 10, 2010

Referee Claus Bo Larsen unimpressed with Ronaldo

Referee Claus Bo Larsen has named Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo his 'most annoying player'.
Ronaldinho, Claus Bo Larsen
GettyImagesClaus Bo Larsen took charge of Milan's defeat to Ajax on Wednesday
The FIFA Top Class Referee, who took charge of his final Champions League game on Wednesday, claims Ronaldo is always looking to buy free-kicks and that they have to be prepared for his behaviour ahead of Champions League games.
"He's always out to get a cheap free-kick, especially at home," he told Ekstra Bladet. "We tended to talk before games about how he'd go down easily.
"We know not to be biased, but we have to be prepared. He has a clean slate at the start of every game. When he would lie down after failing to win a free-kick, he smiled at me because he knew I didn't fall for his theatrics."
Larsen also said he is on good terms with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.
"I have a good relationship with Ferguson, even though he sputters and shouts and screams at referees," he said. "I'll never forget him coming to knock on my door after a Champions League game at Old Trafford.
"He simply said that it had been the best refereeing performance in years. That was great."

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