Saturday, July 26, 2008


Dormitory: Dirty Room
Schoolmaster: The Classroom
Elvis: Lives
Clint Eastwood: Old West Action
Western Union: No Wire Unsent
Desperation: A Rope Ends It
The Morse Code: Here Come Dots
Slot Machines: Cash Lost in Me
Conversation: Voices Rant On
Heavy Rain: Hire a Navy
Tom Cruise: So I'm Cuter
Mother-in-law: Woman Hitler
Funeral: Real Fun
Snooze Alarms: Alas! No More 'Z's
A Decimal Point: I'm a Dot in Place
Statue of Liberty: Built to Stay Free
Eleven plus two: Twelve plus one
David Letterman: Nerd Amid Late TV
Debit card: Bad Credit
Presbysterian: Best in Prayer
Astronomer: Moon Starer
The Eyes: They See
Election Results: Lies! Let's Recount!
The Earthquakes: That Queer Shake
Eleven Plus Two: Twelve Plus One

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germie said...

Good ones! :)