Tuesday, July 08, 2008

NE Show

It wasn't that bad after all and - dare I say it? - I actually enjoyed it. Weather was more or less perfect with little sun except during the waiting at the beginning, a stiff sea breeze and not a hint of rain. I got to know my students a lot better, my colleagues a little less so, but all in all it was good fun.

I learnt a little lesson about the deployment of toilet passes from last year's NE Show batch, took some photos with Iskandar's camera (which he'll pass me a copy of) and basically just took in all the sights and sounds. I exhorted those around me to sing the national anthem with the same vigour on Tuesday morning but I somehow don't see it happening. =]

I think once will do for me, though.
01 Jul 2008, 2222hrs
Having managed to siam NDP in NS, it's all coming back to haunt me now.

Have to being 5 Joy to the NE Show on 5 Jul. Yes, that's my Saturday burnt. I'll be baking it the sun and broiling in the humidity from 1pm to 10.30 at night - and that's just a conservative estimate.

Please pray for good weather on 5 Jul, otherwise we'll need to come back on 6 Jul. Pray for nice fluffy clouds to cover the sky but no rain too. Perfect.

Thank God 7 Jul is a holiday. =]

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