Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Free Time

Plan for my free time:

1. Agape
a. Teach guitar to Agapeans [Beginners: Angela, Kenneth, Yinglei; Intermediate: Shannon]
b. Meet/call Agapeans [Matt, Duncan, Edwin & Jayne, Seng & Sharon, Edgar & Jiahui]

2. Meet/call friends [Art, Amy, Hafiz, Chongkiat, Sab, Nat, Keh, Ting]

3. Professionals/Students
a. Follow-up Exco [Oct-Dec 08: Yewhock, Jasmine (Yinglei), Phyllis]
b. Plan Professionals retreat 2008; forge Professionals vision/mission [bookmark]; launch buddies pledge

4. Entertainment
a. Watch movies [Aviator, Listening with Your Heart, Pulp Fiction, Pursuit of Happyness, Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials, Worms 2]
b. Read J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter 4-7, Jason's Top 25 children's books, Newbery Award winners

5. Spiritual/Physical Health
a. Drink more water, MRET or otherwise
b. Do more QT
c. Sleep ONLY 8 hours a day, before 11pm
d. Spring cleaning: files and books in the corner
e. Exercise: Before shower - push ups [spider, normal, triangle], climb more stairs; weekly - swimming, jogging, cycling, tennis & football [when better]; KIV - dumbbells [tricep, bicep, pectoral]

6. Wedding/Flat
a. Plan for 23 May 09 wedding with Angela, Yewhock, Sharon, advisors [TBC: Edwin & Jayne, Edgar & Jiahui, P Nettie]
b. Plan for Damai Grove (renovation)
c. Wedding favour [iTunes playlist on CD-R]
d. Counselling


theophi said...

Worms 2 is a movie!!???

aaronie said...

Not really. Just didn't know where else to put that game. Wanna play it but seems incompatible to XP.