Thursday, November 20, 2008

SMRT removes seats so we can be "more comfortable"

SMRT is removing at least 30% of seats from some trains so that, wait for it, "commuters can have a more comfortable travel experience".

Did I miss something? How does taking away the seat I sit on make it MORE comfortable. Last I checked, my legs needed a rest, and my butt wasn't complaining about sitting down too long.

If the issue is about overcrowding, I'm sure there remain other options that SMRT has considered before getting to this drastic step. It seems we've reached saturation point during peak hours.

I hope SMRT considers the needs of all people. Some elderly folks do need seats and this would deprive them not just of comfort, but cause them pain from standing.

When we get on a train, we know we are playing the lottery. We might get a seat, or we won't. If we don't, we stand like sardines. That's fine. Nice old ladies will still get their seats.

With this new scenario, where's the risk? I've got more space to stand (though I doubt it, as they'd just white-glove me into packed trains), but I've got a zilch chance of getting a seat, as little old ladies would be head of the queue. Where's the fun if I can't play the game of "Where do I stand so I might get a seat?"

Already I know to wait near the foreign workers when the train nears Little India & Farrer Park. Please don't take the fun out of train travel.
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