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Bobby Tonelli

Robert Tonelli Jr. aka Bobby Tonelli (born October 25, 1975) is an American actor of Italian descent who has appeared in several Hollywood films including Cages , Running Red, No Tomorrow, and Darwin Conspiracy

Early life
Bobby Tonelli was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to Robert and Marsha Tonelli. His father worked in the Casino industry from the early 1970's until his death in 2000. His mother owned and managed a local craftand antique store. Tonelli attended Chaparral High School in Las Vegas, NV and graduated in 1994. He had a promising career in Baseball as a pitcher until he suffered a rotator cuff injury that hindered his chances to pitch at the professional level. Tonelli attended several small colleges in California in hopes of rehabilitating his shoulder and professional baseball pitching career. Upon his decision to leave baseball in 1997, he fell into the fashion industry by chance where he traveled throughout South East Asia as a print and runway model. Working for companies such as Donna Karan, Versace, Levi's, and Louis Vuitton, and Fashion Show Producer Daniel Boey.
In 1998, Tonelli traveled to Europe to continue modeling where he also attended the The Actor's Centre in London, England, as well as several renowned coaches in the US (Ivana Chubbuck, Howard Fine, John Holma).

Tonelli's acting career consisted of smaller roles in Television and Feature Films from 1999-2004. In 2002, a chance meeting with Director Graham Streeter was when his involvement in the feature film Cages began. During this time he also starred in the experimental short "Hallelujah" also directed by Graham Streeter.

Because of his previous art background as an accomplished painter, Tonelli chose to paint all of the character Ethan's art in Cages.

In 2007 Bobby returned to Singapore where he was seen in the MediaCorp English Program Life Story featured as the American coach of Ang Peng Siong. He was One of the 6 contestants in the Art Central reality program The Food Bachelor. Bobby was in the Suria program Atas Heights, and now can be seen in the highly rated Channel 8 Drama The Little Nyonya Playing the part of Paul Robertson, a lawyer that helps Yueniang played by the actress Jeanette Aw. Bobby is currently in production on a Channel 5 drama series titled Fighting Spiders slated for release in March 2009.
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