Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vision, Values, Plan

Though today's sharing on values and process was excellent by Allen and Vincent respectively, it can all too easily be consigned to the heap of unsuccessful endeavours. Agape has had too many false dawns to experience disappointment again.

As I mentioned, there is a positive vibe that is slowly spreading God-based optimism throughout the ranks. This is a positive sign that people are buying into the vision.

As far as possible, for issues as key to any organisation like vision and values, it should be member-borne and member-breathed. But we know that is nigh impossible. The sheer number of leaders and opinions renders such discussion and decision ultimately unfruitful and ineffective. Instead, we have done the right thing.

A clear and exhaustive plan and value system has been drawn up by key leaders, with the approval of the leadership sought. It must be made absolutely certain that the leadership has a choice to accept or reject these, hence the significance and importance of the in/out pledge, better still of it was named, given our confidence in our united decision. When the leadership of the church is united and speaks in one voice (values, vision, leaders' creed etc), the members take notice. It is no longer an obligation to conform, rather a motivation to perform our responsibilities as a leader should.

In my opinion, our plan for success for 2009 is so compelling that I would defend it vehemently in the face of any opposition but only someone who feels as strongly about it would do so. We must all buy in to this and OWN it. As CEOs perform better when they are paid stock options in lieu of cash, so we will do our best when we have a stake in Agape. When this goes through, we can be sure that whoever decides to lead/serve is 100% on board, 100% sold out on the vision. There can be no compromises, or we risk diluting the commitment of our leadership. If we can do that, then we have our coalition that will blaze the trail for our members to follow.

It excites me to no end that I will be serving with 100% committed leaders who believe in the vision & plan God has for Agape. As we encourage one another, we push one another toward the finish line. We look around and know in our hearts of hearts that the people we are running with are striving united for the same goal.

There is no better feeling, and I hope to run the race with all of you. It would be an honour and well worth the tribulations that will doubtlessly come our way.

Serving in Christ, United We Stand

Agape, Aaron

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