Friday, August 12, 2011

Weird Singapore facts

Singapore's weirder islands: Violin Island and Junk Island.
According to LTA, a taxi gets hired 25 times a day on average. Assuming that's a 24h shift, how much idle time is that?!
Average Singapore wage is $2710. I'm below-average!
The Cathay was Singapore's first skyscraper at 17 storeys.
Most common Chinese surnames: Tan, Lim & Lee. No wonder the Presidential Election turned out like that.
Coldest day: 31 Jan 1934 - 19.4C
First fast-food joint: A&W at SIA Bldg on Robinson Rd
Semakau Landfill is made entirely of incinerator ash.
Rodolfo Nolli (1888-1963) sculpted the old Supreme Court, City Hall and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.
Last kampung: Kampung Buangkok (1956)

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