Monday, November 20, 2006

EPL Week 14

(TT)vaches de chier

Louis Saha (@SHE)
Decent performance.

Thierry Henry (NUF)
For Camara. The King was rested but rescued the Gunners in the end. Vindicated.

Andriy Shevchenko (WAT)

Michael Ballack (WHU)

Francesc Fabregas (NUF)
For Lampard. Disappointing.

Sean Davis (WAT)
For Landzaat. Disappointing.

Steve Sidwell (CHA)
For Ronaldo. Disappointing.

Ben Thatcher (FUL)

Paul Scharner (AST)
For Lescott. Top drawer.

Nicky Shorey (CHA)
For Woodgate, Trabelsi. Good choice.

Carlo Cudicini (WHU)
For Weaver. Safe choice.

Total points: 82
Predicted points: 76.2


The Group of Death III

Well done all!

Week 14 has just passed.

Aaron (1146.5 pts) maintains 1st place with 82 pts, thanks to Thierry Henry, Paul Scharner and Nicky Shorey.

The gap is now 108.5 pts as Ben (1038 pts) breaks the one-grand mark in 2nd place with the highest score of 106 pts and is 39.5 pts ahead of Hsu, thanks to Bernardo Corradi, Joey Barton and Kevin Doyle.

Hsu (998.5 pts) gets 3rd place with 77.5 pts, thanks to Nwankwo Kanu, Marcus Hahnemann and Ashley Cole.

Syafiq (853 pts) gets 11th place with the 3rd-highest score of 91.5 pts, thanks to Wayne Rooney, Tim Howard and Cole.

Ivan (811 pts) gets 13th place with the 2nd-highest score of 101.5 pts, thanks to Rooney, Kanu and Cole.

Jasmine (903 pts) slips to 5th place with 55 pts, no thanks to the scoreless Ben Thatcher, Denny Landzaat and Michael Ballack.

At the other end, Zikai (554.5 pts) remains entrenched in 21st place with the lowest score of 0 pts, cos he left out a defender in his starting lineup. He missed out on 33 pts. That's 154.5 pts he's missed out on. There's one every season, but not two weeks in a row!

See you next week!

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