Friday, April 25, 2008

Dr Joyce Lim, dermatologist extraordinaire

Joyce Lim is a bit of a quack after all. After all the money I paid, she actually managed to misdiagnose my ringworm as eczema. Oh well, she wasn't the first to make that mistake; Dr Hia did too. Dr Leow Yung Hian of the NSC verified this with a skin scrape so I guess that's that. Starting a course of oral anti-fungal medication that may lead to a loss of sense of taste. I'll see him in late-May when the ringworm should've died out and the effects of steroid worn off.
16 Apr 2008, 1212hrs
Went on 14 Apr as I was on leave that day. Cost me $274 in all, and $100 just for talking to her. She sounded confident about making things better for me. I inormed her of my financial situation and she kindly agreed to refer me to an ex-colleague of hers at the National Skin Centre who could follow up on my case effectively. This way, I can use my CSC card so I don't need to pay a bomb every time.

The procedure is a little cumbersome and takes getting used to. Bath oils, steroid lotions, moisturising milk - you name it, I got it. Most intriguingly, a damp pyjama method that I've decided not to do, where you wear damp pyjamas after applying the creams, and then a dry pyjamas on top. This is supposed to help retain the moisture so everything can be absorbed more effectively. This one is a little too strange for me.
4 Mar 2008, 1712hrs
God has given me a sign! Rev David Brett, during this morning's sermon, mentioned the words 'doctor' and '$100' in the same breath. I'm gonna make that appointment. Supposed to restart steroids on 5 Mar 2008 but seems good enough to treat without Prednisalone.
Dr Joyce Lim
Tel: 68349159
Office: 11th floor, Paragon

29 Feb 2008, 1212hrs
My principal recommended a dermatologist, having seen herself and her son being treated by her. She was prety persuasive and even offered to call for me. When she mentioned that Dr Lim was based at Paragon, my heart sank. She said her fees were reasonable. I think she meant reasonable to her.

My fears were justified when Jasmine called Dr Lim's office and politely enquired the consultation fee. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking a minimum three-figure sum, of which I can claim $10. What can Dr Lim possibly tell me that no other GP or National Skin Centre specialist has not told me for the bargain fee of $100+?

Should I stay, or should I go?

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