Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh sucky day...

I know I'm busy when I don't have the time to blog. Today was a classic case.

I had a medical appointment at the National Skin Centre at 0820hrs but ended up 15 minutes late. Ended up there all the way to 1100hrs thanks to about 30 minutes waiting time EACH before seeing the doctor, before treatment, seeing the doctor again and then finally to collect medicine. 2 hours of waiting spend cursing the fact that I hadn't thought of bringing a book along. I'd contemplated getting an MC but in the end I was left with no choice but to take it.

Went to IRAS in Novena thereafter to get tax returns printed out to give to HDB, only to discover that MOE had not submitted my income for 2006, resulting in IRAS not sending me my PIN, resulting in me not declaring my income at all. As far as IRAS is concerned, I had not worked that year, which I think might be tantamount to tax evasion! Anyhow, now I realise I had to get some sort of Form 8E to certify my income for 2006.

Alas! PaC@Gov, under the recent entity, only displays the previous year's income. As such, almost no one has access to records 2006 and earlier. I tried calling a contact in MOE, and after five referrals, finally found the blessed Ms Ang Ying Ying, who told me to mail her the income form for her to fill up. She even suggested I meet her on Saturday even though that was her weekend.

So there's hope on the horizon. Maybe we'll get everything to HDB on time, given they revised the deadline to an ambiguous "when available". Maybe I won't get apprehended for tax evasion. Maybe it was worth using my MC.

After all this, it would really make my day if United could give me a match to remember at the Nou Camp.

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