Tuesday, October 24, 2006

EPL Week 10

(TT)vaches de chier
Louis Saha (LIV)
Class performance.

Andrew Johnson (SHE)
For Shevchenko. Just when I drop him, the Ukrainian scores. Then when I pick again, Mourinho will drop him.

Thierry Henry (@RED)
Top class.

Michael Ballack (POR)
For Sean Davis. Dirty German comes clean.

Mikel Arteta (SHE)
For Fabregas. A Spaniard by any other name would score as well.

Stilian Petrov (FUL)
For Ronaldo. Phooey. At least he played though; Ronaldo didn't.

Tomas Rosicky (@RED)
A bit too unselfish.

Andrew Ooijer (BOL)
Did ok.

Joleon Lescott (SHE)
For Trabelsi. Got the clean sheet and not much else.

Paul Scharner (MAC)
For Bocanegra. Should've had a shot or two.

Henrique Hilario (POR)
For Niemi. Should've gotten Kirkland for cheaper.

Total points: 112.5
Predicted points: 65.3


The Group of Death III

Well done all!

Week 10 has just passed.

Aaron (805 pts) strengthens 1st place with the 2nd-highest score of 112.5 pts, thanks to Thierry Henry, Mikel Arteta and Louis Saha.

The gap is now 127 pts as Ben (678 pts) slips in 2nd place with 74 pts and is 37 pts ahead of Andrew, thanks to Andriy Shevchenko, Chris Kirkland and Frank Lampard.

Andrew (641 pts) barely maintains 3rd place with 85 pts, thanks to Shevchenko, Saha and Tim Howard.

Hingyau (547.5 pts) gets 12th place with the 3rd-highest score of 108 pts, thanks to Arteta, Shevchenko and Saha.

Teckseng (540 pts) gets 11th place with the highest score of 134 pts, thanks to Henry, Rio Ferdinand, Shevchenko and Saha.

Jasmine (632 pts) drops to 5th place with 91 pts, thanks to Henry, Saha and Michael Ballack.

At the other end, Kenneth (332.5 pts) struggles with a twisted ankle in 22nd place with the lowest score of 15.5 pts, no thanks to Darren Bent, Henrik Pedersen, Nolberto Solano, Stephen Warnock and Shay Given, who combined for -4 points.

See you next week!

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