Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Singapore MCP Idol

I saw this post on my friend's blog, where she quoted it from Today. You can read the full letter at Todayonline.com. They've merged two letters into one but the meaning's there. Can't believe such Neanderthals still exist.


Best get back to the kitchen
Letter from Seah Leong Khai

I refer to the latest figures on divorces released by the Department of Statistics ("Divorce, inter-racial marriages on the rise", Sept 26).

The 6,909 divorce cases in 2005 in Singapore is an alarming number. This is 8.2 per cent higher than in 2004 and has increased by 33.8 per cent since 2000.

Why do people get divorced? The most common reasons are infidelity, financial problems, unreasonable behaviour, physical and emotional abuse and failed expectations.

The conventional wisdom on divorce is that it only happens after both husband and wife have tried their best to save their marriage. But I have my doubts. In more than 70 per cent of the cases, it was the wife who filed for divorce. Why?

Women continue to work after their marriage and having children. This, I believe, must be the one of the main contributing factors for the high rate of divorce.

Women prefer to work after marriage because this provides financial independence. When things get tough after marriage, these women are not willing to ride it out with their husbands and are not afraid to call it quits as they know they can easily support themselves.

Another problem arises when women continue to work after marriage. Husbands, who are usually the breadwinners, expect to return home to warm home-cooked meals and a well-organised house. But if wives are also working, they feel stressed and complain about doing the housework after their day at the office.

Men will begin to feel deprived of these things. Tensions and misunderstanding build up.

If women stop working after marriage, I believe it can help to foster a better husband-wife relationship and thus reduce divorces.

Women should understand that if they can't stand the heat of working life, it's better for them to get back into the kitchen.


This is a sad, sad day for civilised society.

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