Friday, October 13, 2006


Hi Guys & Gals,

Just an update on out meeting with Liping, Activities Coordinator for AG Home.

I discovered that Seng Kwang is an Aaron too!

That apart, AG Home have agreed in principle to let us hold a two-day activity for them on 4 -5 Dec 06.

The Planning Committee will be reworking the activities next week to suit their needs as we have underestimated their quality of life there. Frankly their home is really well-run and an eye-opener. We will not be submitting our proposal to Young ChangeMakers this weekend as it is too rushed, and will instead aim to get everything
(activities, budget, etc.) finalised, approved by AG Home, and submitted to YCM by 15 Nov, if not earlier.

As our theme is Expanding Our Horizons, Liping felt the activities failed to really stretch them, apart from the line dancing, TalentTime and career sharing, as they had done most of the stuff before, rock climbing included. So we'll be looking at how we can really s-t-r-e-t-c-h them.

There'll be GESL next Thu at 3.30pm. Shahidah and her Admin Dept will be putting together a short presentation with the pictures and some of the activities they have there. Planning Dept hopes to have something concrete to show you too.

We learnt that there are only 30-40 girls there between 12-18 years old, instead of 60 as previously thought. So the groups will be smaller in size. Liping reiterated that our men are to have no physical contact with the girls, so we'll be working furiously behind the scenes while our ladies bond with the girls there.

Special thanks to Seng Kwang, Kelvin (ad-hoc driver as well), Faezah, Fahmei and Shahidah for making the effort to meet Liping. We all had a fruitful time and despite Liping's discomforting frowning, we got on pretty well. Thanks again, guys!

We will be pulling perhaps one from each dept to add strength to our Planning Dept as they'll be heavily involved because, uh, the planning stage is reaching its climax. So maybe the heads can decide who'll be coming over? Can even be the head him/herself.

Hamzah will be planning the meeting date for Planning Dept to meet. Meiling, Faezah, Fahmei, pls let him know when you are free to meet. The three joining Planning Dept, pls post and let us know who you are ASAP.

That should be all. Shahidah, pls feel free to add anything I missed.

Guys who went, pls post activity ideas here so we can get a brainstorming going. Fahmei, SK, your ideas were interesting. =]

Yours sincerely, Aaron
PS: Their address is incorrect. Should be 119, Lor K Telok Kurau.

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