Friday, September 29, 2006

GLS sound check (not rehearsal, sound check)

What is supposed to be an honour and experience turned out to be a damp squib. We turned up at Emmanuel AG expecting to tune up and get used to the layout and sound, and lo and behold! we were expected to play like it was a full-dress rehearsal. You give us the sings late and you still expect good shit form us? Get real. Emmanuel didn't rehearse either and yet we get all the shit. We're not big enough for you is it? Since they're hosting so they can get by with half-past-six music but we get a dressing-down cos we did better than them? Pathetic.
Had to cope with sub-standard sound and equipment, no dedicated monitors to speak of, lousy bass sound and still expect me to tone down. And after all of us rushing down from work, ask us to rush through the stanzas, demand why we did not rehearse, and shake your head and say we expected better? Well so did I; I expected much better as well.
Scolded Jasmine when she rushed down form work without dinner without even bothering to find out why, making the whole band feel bloody useless like turning up was our fault and then thanking us for turning up. Appreciate is a verb, a gesture, not just a word.
Bloody hell, take your Christian bureaucracy and stick it where the sun don't shine. Suck up to the big churches and leave us to face the music, why don't you.


Apparently, we were a mistake and had to be grovellingly apologised over, when (get this!) no one else felt we played badly and even felt we played better than Emmanuel. Stop sucking up and take more pride in your own church man. Pathetic, not to mention leaving your ENTIRE band disillusioned and embarrassed cos you apologised to EVERYBODY for something we didn't even do wrong. Makes us look bloody stupid if you know what I mean. Bloody laughing stock can?
Pisses me off to the core. If you don't stand up for us it's still ok; must save face what. Backstab us some more.


It's official then. We weren't even in the wrong in the first place. It was communicated to us that it was just a "test-drive" and that we were only required to play two songs.
Accuse us some more lah.
Even more pissed now. Let's see how you grovel in front of us now.

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